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Shadow's From the Past
Learning your new spouse in a second marriage.

Discipline Discord
Balancing discipline in a
Blended Family

Terri's Books 
Fanning the Flame; Reigniting Your Faith in God

Join this pilgrimage to reignite your spiritual lamp with a fresh, empowering faith--a faith that will stand through a time of testing.

In a time of increasing wickedness in the world, believers are examining their own spiritual health and walk with God.  Some of us who once burned brightly for Jesus find ourselves going through the motions, living out a mediocre faith.  But God's Word promises, "a smodering wick He will not extinguish" (Matt. 12:20).  God values us and wants to help us identify and remove the obstacles keeping us from intimacy with him and from fulfilling the purposes he has for our lives.  Terri brings relevant stories alongside Sriptures to reveal key principles for stirring up and reigniting a Christian's smoldering embers.



Tying the Family Knot
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Reader Comments:

Just wanted you to know that your book has accomplished two things.

One--it has uplifted me in my Christian walk with my Saviour. I see things in different perspective now, all things relate to my walk and to my blended family. I appreciate your efforts in showing me this.

Two--it has given me hope that even though our family was once broken, it can be made whole with our eyes on our Saviour and nothing else. With time and prayer, our blended family can be a family worth so much in God's eyes.

Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  --Tara Webster, Bath, NC


It is really a funny and insightful book --Sarah Massie, Norfolk, VA


Tying the Family Knot by Terri Clark (Broadman & Holman) is a must read for every adult member of a blended family. --Janet Teitsort, author; Flexible Grandparents


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book! It has something for everyone, not just those blending two families. My husband & I have been married 31 yrs and I highly recommend Tying the Family Knot. It's such an easy book to flows just like you're talking to us! And the stories!! I laughed out loud several times!! May God richly bless you, your book, and your WILD family!!! --Sue Rupp, Hot Springs, AR


Your book touched on so many of the subjects we will face with a remarriage situation.--Coleen, Stanwood, WA

Book Review:

Divorce and remarriage has become common; one of three Americans is connected to a stepfamily. This insightful book deals with the complicated challenges of blending two families into one. Its main focus is on parenting and developing a strong and lasting family. It also contains helpful marriage counseling.

Clark sees prayer, planning, and personal effort as key. her book offers creative ideas for new family holiday traditions; setting standards; and giving each child a feeling of belonging, stability, and love. Two useful chapters address blending families after widowhood and families with adult children.

Sharing candidly from her own experiences, Clark offers Christian solutions for issues such as power struggles, choosing battles, organization, and dealing with ex-spouses. Obeying Christ, commitment, communication, compromise, and consistency are key elements woven throughout. Tying the Family Knot contains excellent advice often learned the hard way by the Clark family.

--Scharlotte Rich, CBA Marketplace Magazine- July, 2004

Terri offers Tying the Family Knot workshops and seminars
on the Blended Family topic,
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