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Invest in a Child

For just $25 per month, ($300 per year), you can educate a child and help him out of the cycle of poverty.  Instead of receiving a "hand out,"  they receive a "hand up" to a better life. 

Senior Program

When a student reaches the senior high level, tuition expenses double from $100 per term to $200 per term.  We do not require the sponsor to double their sponsorship so the student and their family must pay the difference.  TCM has established a fund to help students who fall short in their tuition.  If you would like to contribute into the Senior Fund without the obligation of a regular child sponsorship, your help would be greatly appreciated by these older students and their families who highly value their education.

Payment Options
$25.00 per month due on 1st of month
$75.00 quarterly pmts due every 3 months on 1st of month
$100 due every 4 months on 1st of month
$150 (1/2 annual tuition bal due in 6 mo)
$300 (full sponsorship paid at one time)
Child Sponsorship Program 


Jeremiah 29:11 says:
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (NIV)

Because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, nearly all of the children registered in our program have known death and disease first hand.  They have lost parents and relatives to the ravages of poverty and disease.  Education isn't free in the poor African nation of Uganda.  Parent and guardians struggle to feed their families and cannot afford to educate them. 

Through this program, the destitute poor receive hope for their future in Jesus' Name.  They say,  "Mohammed hasn't helped us, Alah hasn't helped us, the witchdoctors haven't helped us, but this Jesus, He is helping us and we now have hope."

You can be Jesus' hands and feet, providing hope for these children by sponsoring a child.


Please take a couple minutes to watch our video from the children's crusade where we handed out 2000 family-sized treated mosquito nets

Judy Garrett - Oklahoma Sponsor
Dear Terri,

Thanks for the hard work you have put into this Uganda Sponsorship Program.  It has been a blessing to us as a family to sponsor two Ugandan children.  

We have 2 darling children.   One is a 13 yr-old girl, Jemarita.  She lives with her grandmother and she is so glad to help with the household chores.  Her mother died with AIDS and her father is unemployed.  Our other child is a 13 yr-old boy named Chaka.  In his letters, he has shared that he enjoys school and want to be a pastor one of these days.

Both of these children are so very thankful for the opportunity to attend school. They know their only way out of poverty is through education.  

Our grandchildren enjoy all the letter’s and gifts they’ve sent to us.  I have a scrapbook of each one that I keep all of their correspondence in.  I enjoy looking back to when we first became a part of this program and how the children have grown in the last 5 years.  

Two years ago, one of our daughters decided her Christmas present to us was to become a sponsor, too.   That made our hearts very proud and we know she will receive the blessings as she gets acquainted with her little girl, Elizabeth.     

May God bless you and the children of Uganda through this Sponsorship Program.

My love and prayers,
Judy Garrett 
Oklahoma Sponsor

Sample Letter from Uganda Child-Ronald Wasswa

Dear Jeanette XXXX,
I am really happy to write to you and give my thanks to you.  Thank you for being truthful and honest to me.  In addition to that, I also thank you for the regular letters and wonderful photos you sent for me.  They really make me think about you and meditate a lot.  Thank you for my advise you give me about staying safe from diseases. 

First and foremost I thank and praise God for having blessed you with a new, wonderful home.  It's view is wonderful and excellent.  Needless to say, it's great!  I thak God who helped Kristin to win Karate competitions.  It is not easy to do so.  I also pray that God helps Samantha finish her years well in college.  What is important to note is how the Lord has blessed your family with both gifts of long life and capacity and ability in sports.  Flash back how you were a queen 50 years ago!  Being a queen is great!

I was promoted to Senior Three.  

May you continue to feel and be always in God's presence and love.

Ronald Wasswa

Letter to Sponsor from Prince Treasure
 Dear Mum and Dad, Josiah, Emma, Abigail,

I am happy to greet you all.  I have been joyed.  My alphabet pieces I can make many words from them.  And I am very happy to hear that you pray for me each night.
I am enjoying school.  I did very well.  Thank you for giving me school fees.  My brother, Priest, Mum and Dad are okay.  Priest makes us to laugh.  He speaks many words and enjoys to play so much.
I love singing and dancing to the Lord.  Josiah, Emma do you serve God like me?
At home we have chickens.
I love you all.  God bless your works.
From Your son,
Byamugisha Prince

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